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BREA SYSTEM SAS, aluminium foundry, is a family company.

Company specialized  in aluminium die , high pressure and gravity die casting , created in 1954 by Mr BREA René. Today, it has two production sites, the head office located in Montluçon (03) and a secondary establishment in Fressenneville (80).

To answer to all your requests for supplies of aluminium parts, 135 peoples are at your disposal and at your service.

A professional team with unquestioned know-how ensures the development and realizations of high-quality parts in various applications, in small and large dimensions in high pressure die-casting or in gravity die casting  , with the machining done internally and also surface treatment or painting through its subcontractors.

This team and this know-how offer to BREA SYSTEM  the opportunity to work with contractors working in various business such as lighting, street furniture, railway, industrial equipment, medical, automotive, armaments or aeronautic.

BREA SYSTEM places its customers’ demands at the core of its business. In addition to its laboratory of control and its moderns equipments, BREA SYSTEM is certified ISO 9001 since 2008, and has just acquired the 2015 version, quality guarantee for all of its customers.

In addition, it has a “Research and development” team that allows it to be a force of proposal to its customers.

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